R&D achievements

Organization Subject Content
Armway Skin age development Development of skin age algorithm using questionnaire
KGC Corporation Research on changes in biological age in stability evaluation of red ginseng Joint research with KGC and Seoul St. Mary's Hospital on changes in biological age in stability evaluation of red ginseng
Amore Pacific Joint research on efficacy evaluation of dietary supplements Joint research on the use of biological age for efficacy evaluation of Amore Pacific's dietary supplements
National Health Insurance Service (NHIS) Research and development of healthy aging (2016, 3rd year) Analysis of 680,000 cases by tracking sample cohort DB (those in their 20s-70s) of NHIS for 10 years
National Health Insurance Service (NHIS) Development of healthy aging classification using healthy aging model (2017, 4th year) Customized data analysis for NHIS's 2014-2015 data (approx. 20 million subjects)
National Health Insurance Service (NHIS) Metabolic syndrome aga measurement model and comparative analysis of metabolic age differences caused by daily habits (2018, 5th year) Development of index through total inspection on those who received national health checkups in 2014-2015
Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) Research on development of anti-aging index KHIDI-led research to develop anti-aging index
Yonsei University Health System Joint research on HERITGE Joint research on development of disease and risk index by tracking and studying 150,000 clinical cases including clinical data, questionnaire data, and genetics data.
NHIS website Assessment on NHIS website and improvement of the contents about healthy age Overall assessment and analysis on health information service provided by NHIS service (web/app), and proposal of improvement measures. Proposed mobile-specific content development and UX/UI composition, and development and provision method of customized health information content "healthy aging age" service.


Publisher Content Year
Archives of Gerontology & Geriatrics Development of model for overall biological age measurement based on clinical data 2008
Clinical Interventions in Aging Development of model for the world first body shape biological age measurement 2012
Maturities Development of models for the world first 5 major organs biological age measurement 2013
Clinical Interventions in Aging Models for estimating metabolic syndrome biological age as the new index of for evaluation & management of metabolic syndrome 2017
Clinical Interventions in Aging Biological age as a health index for mortality & age-related diseases incidence in Koreans 2018

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Patent No. Title Application Date Registration Date
10-0750662 Biometrics system and method using electrocardiogram 2005.1.13 2007.8.13
10-1177921 System for Measuring Biological Ages of Viscera 2011.8.18 2012.8.22
10-1398986 Medical biological age measurement system and apparatus 2012.7.26 2014.5.19
10-1469863 Bariatric age measurement system and apparatus 2012.9.6 2014.12.1
10-1469864 Metabolic syndrome biological age measurement system and apparatus 2012.12.27 2014.12.1