Healthketch' is Mediage's membership management platform, encompassing: mobile applications (Android/IOS) provided to the end customers; DMBS (Database Management System) for management of health checkup data collected from customers; internal statistical system to run customer service management and operation; and Chatbot for customer relations.

Currently, main functions of 'Healthketch' are provision of Dr.Healthing service and NHIS health checkup scrapping for Fromage and Nutriage analysis for customers. However, it is planned to collect and manage various health records including genetic test results, building an environment in which Mediage's all solutions and services are accessible.

Customers will store their health-related records in Healthketch, where they will check customized content from index analysis and experience various services (customized insurance recommendation, dietary supplementary purchase, access to customized subscription channels, etc.).


View Health Checkup reports

Users can view their health checkup report from the National Health Insurance Service via their mobile phone through authentication certificate. In the age of My Data, it is time to manage your own health information.

Analysis of Health Index
  • Check the results of ‘Fromage’ that analyzes relative risk of disease, mortality, and cancer through analyzed index.
  • By looking at items related with metabolic syndrome on the health checkup list, Fromage can show, not only metabolic biological age, but also relative risks of 4 chronic diseases, dementia, seven most common cancers related with metabolic syndrome (by gender), and mortality.
Health management
  • Present items in need of urgent control by analyzing metabolic syndrome-related items among health checkup items using an integrated service ‘Dr.Healthing’
  • By checking my health status analysis index, a group for management priority is set. Dietary, nutritional health coaching guide and medical tips contents tailored to each group is available.
Analysis of the Number of Steps
  • Users can count the number of steps to increase activity in daily habit improvement items on ‘Dr.Healthing’, tracking changes of healthy life age on a daily basis.
  • Users can see a one-year later predicted healthy life age, and these data motivate users to increase activities.