For the last decade, Mediage has pursued to connect digital healthcare data.

Mediage will make the next decade as the first years of digital healthcare services that "tighten connection and go towards healthy life".


08 Launched AI-powered personal nutrition management solution ‘Nutriage’

06 Launched PHR-based comprehensive health management service ‘Healthketch’ app

04 Strategic alliance for healthcare data business (Coocon)

04 Launched metabolic age-based disease, cancer, death risk analytic service ‘Fromage’

03 Signed MOU to facilitate mental care and corporate healthcare check-up service (Aimmed)

02 Signed MOU to facilitate mobile healthcare business (1Drop)


12 Launched personal health wallet service ‘Healthketch’ app

11 Joint R&D with Younsei University Health System

09 Signed MOU to utilize biological age analytics information (Bomapp)

08 Signed MOU to facilitate fintech biotech (DGB Daegu Bank)

06 Signed MOU to pursue strategic partnership (HealthMax, Canon Korea)

03 Launched Samsung Health in-web ‘Dr.Healthing’


03 Launched metabolic/obesity gene convergence product

02 Published a joint research paper on metabolic syndrome risk


05 Launched Samsung Health-based mobile health check-up service

04 Signed license agreement with Taiwan’s HAVO for biological age and launched service

03 Signed MOU with Samsung Electronics for mobile service


07 Signed contract to develop anti-aging index (Korea Health Industry Development Institute)

05 Studied customized and comprehensive health management program (National Health Insurance Service)


12 License agreement (BIC and Zhongpinghanyi in Zhengzhou, China)

06 Launched a Telomere age product


12 Designated as excellent product by the Public Procurement Service

08 Launched fitness biological age prediction system

06 Signed startup growth program with the Small and Medium Business Administration


12 Established an affiliated research center

04 Quality certification ISO 9001:2008, etc.

03 Certified venture company


06 Launched medical biological age


08 Developed a biological age prediction platform

05 Founded