Dr. Healthing is a mobile customized health management service, provided as a post-management service to mobile checkup management platform. It comes as partner web-service within Samsung Health app, analyzes healthy life age (now/1-year later) by combining metabolic age derived from health checkup data and the number of steps from Samsung Health, encouraging users to cultivate better daily habits. Various incentives for health management are provided including award of badges and reward for a decline in healthy life age, as well as customized contents for those found to be monitored from metabolic age analysis results.

Dr. Healthing

Available analysis and guide
  • Biological age: Metabolic age, abdominal obesity age, blood glucose age, arteriosclerosis age
  • Other analysis: Healthy life age (present/1-year later)
  • Guide: Health management content customized for each group (nutrition, exercise, maintenance), medical tips, weekly report, monthly report (provided for 1 year)
  • provided inside ‘Samsung Health’ application
  • Web Link
  • provided inside ‘Healthketch’ application